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AT26 - Ayelen Osorio, Notes from the Margin

AT26 - Ayelen Osorio, Notes from the Margin

We talked about: βœ… Bitcoin βœ… Human rights βœ… Global communities and how they are adopting Bitcoin, and more... Bio Ayelen is a Bitcoiner πŸ’°, writer πŸ“, and human rights activist ✊. She has a background in psychology 🧠 and initially worked in tech πŸ’», utilizing her psychology training as a marketer πŸ“ˆ and community manager πŸ‘₯. In 2017, she bought her first Bitcoin πŸ’΅, and by 2019, she had transitioned into the cryptocurrency industry πŸ’±. A Canadian 🍁 with Bolivian roots πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄, Ayelen spent part of her childhood in the Middle East 🌍, where she witnessed the oppression of authoritarian regimes 🚫 and cultures that silenced women's voices 🀐. For Ayelen, grasping the value proposition of Bitcoin was intuitive πŸ€”, and she felt that it provided her with a framework to understand the world 🌏. She now writes full-time πŸ–‹οΈ about marginalized communities πŸ‘₯, sharing stories of people from around the world 🌍, the challenges they face 😒, and how Bitcoin offers them hope 🌟. You can follow her work at: πŸ“° Twitter: Linkedin: Nostr: npub1rscuek38p87xeawmpg9ssump8cjkgmz2j3rhnha4artvh0xjacwq9upeqk Follow Access Tribe at: Linktree - Web - Substack - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - TikTok - #BitcoinAdvocacy #HumanRightsCrypto #SubstackWriters #BitcoinAndFreedom #CryptoJustice #HumanRightsInTech #DecentralizedRights #SubstackActivism #BitcoinEmpowerment #WritingForChange #CryptoEquality #BlockchainAndRights #SubstackForGood #DigitalCurrencyRights #HumanRightsAndBitcoin #SubstackCrypto #FinancialInclusion #CryptoWriters #BitcoinForHumanity #SubstackFreedom

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